Why Pick HP Associates As Your Restoration Contractor?

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Like most property owners, you’ve probably been approached by numerous contractors; each making the case that they are your best choice. How do you really know who your best choice is? Is HP Associates your best choice? Every property owner is different and it’s reflected in your decision. The contractor you select should mirror the qualities that you believe are most important to the restoration process. At HP Associates, there are three key reasons property owners consistently select us to repair their investment.

For our Experience

We specialize in the repair of damaged properties. It may seem obvious, but as a fire and water damage specialist, we understand the needs and challenges of this type of construction. Selecting a contractor that is familiar with fire damage restoration techniques can save you thousands of dollars. If an inexperienced contractor performs your repairs, you may find yourself opening walls back up to fix what they missed. Our experience can also save you money from the outset. The insurance industry has strict protocols in place; if not followed it may lead to part of your claim being denied. Our years of experience have made us experts at insurance requirements. When you select us, you can rest assured your repairs won’t be denied for a failure to follow protocol.

For our Team

Our team has been in this industry for many years and we’re well known throughout Southern California. Chances are good that we’ve worked with your adjuster, public adjuster, or mortgage company in the past. Over the years we’ve refined our procedures and trained our team to handle the unexpected. In the rare event we don’t have you answer on the spot, we know where to find the answer. With a team approaching twenty strong, we have a diverse group with complementary skill sets and a personality to fit every property owner.

For our Flexibility

We tailor our approach to accommodate your preferences. Every property owner is different and has a unique set of concerns and constraints. While we follow proper protocol, we’ll do our very best to accommodate your requests. Do you need to be moved back in by a certain date? Does your property have historical status limitations? Are there HOA requirements to consider? Perhaps you want to manipulate the distribution of your settlement from one area of your property to another. Let us know your needs in advance and we can work out a solution.

Ready to know more about how HP Associates can help you? Contact us today at (818) 879-5002 or email Charles at criccardi@hpagc.com.

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