Throughout the years we’ve been lucky enough to have some fantastic clients put their experience with us down on paper. Click on any name below to see their letter of reference. Please note that as a courtesy to our past residential clients, addresses, emails, and phone numbers have been whited out. If you would like a list of past clients to contact directly, please call our office at (818) 879-5002 or ask your Account Executive.

Image of mail stamps on recommendation letters

Image courtesy of Annilove. Used under the Creative Commons license.


Bryan and Jo Arnestad
Deborah Bauer
Jim and Karen Bell
Susie Bridges
Chartre Buaphanpong
Mandie Card
Eileen Coombe
Rozanne Feldman
James and Jamie Filipeli
Jack Fish
Clarence Haack
Masoud Hakhamimi
Don and Janet Heins
Richard Held
Gabriel and Indira Herrera
Don and Betty Ingalls
Alan and Patricia Kanase
Manny Madla
Leroy Mealancon
Martin Mendel
Noland Miller
Ray Noda
Troy Norton
Steve Oakley
Ann Oliver
Nina Padovano
Kimquang and Thanhminh Pham
Gus Piangerelli
Mark and Antoinette Rawls
Thelma Rubinfeld
Sylvia Ruiz Santini
Angela Russell
Lester Salay
Pamela and Kenneth Sandland
Susan Sheppard
Randy Simer
Patrick and Verna Smith
Jaime and Norma Suarez
Linnea Sylvester
Joe and Evelyn Tanguma
Thomas and Lisa Thurnauer
Philip Toubus and Jude Epstein
Diana Turk
Patricia Wallace
Peter Wang
Rob and Jeannie Wimmell